Tom’s Booking & Pricing Info


All appointments are easiest booked through the website. Although not always necessary, we are happy to schedule an in-person consultation. These are typically scheduled around other tattoo appointments.

Consultations are free.

New clients must fill out an Appointment Request Form. Existing clients can send a text message to Tom directly.

Please fill out the entire form and be as specific as possible.


Tattoo deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

All tattoo appointments require a minimum deposit of $80. A larger deposit is required for large and multi-session tattoos. Also, custom designs that require a lot of research and drawing will require a larger deposit as well. Appointments and times will not be held without a deposit.

Your deposit is applied to the cost of your tattoo. For multi-session tattoos, it will be subtracted from your final sitting.

Deposits are forfeited when:

• No call/No show

• Rescheduling with less than 48 hours notice

• Rescheduling more than twice in a row

• No contact within 4 months of reschedule


• No government or state issued ID at time of appointment

No call/no shows and same day cancellations will also incur an additional $200 charge or full payment of tattoo if balance is less than $200.

Deposits are valid for 4 months. For multi-session tattoos, if more than 4 months pass between appointments, a new deposit is required.

We can only reschedule your appointment twice. After that, you will need a new deposit in order to keep your appointment. This may seem harsh, but getting a tattoo is a time-consuming process (especially for a larger tattoo). We want to make sure you are fully committed before we spend time researching and drawing for your tattoo.

We all have families and commitments outside of tattooing as well, and researching and drawing for tattoos takes away from that time.


Small tattoos are quoted a flat price based on size, detail, and location on the body. Certain parts of the body cost more.

Medium to large tattoos will be priced by block of time scheduled. Tom will try his best to work with any budget you have!

Shop minimum: $80

Hands/Feet/Neck/Head minimum: $120

Small tattoos: Flat price quoted

3 hour session: $500

4 hour session: $660

6 hour session: $1000

Years of experience and working in different shop environments have enabled Tom to tattoo very quickly and efficiently. He doesn’t take breaks during your tattoo unless you need one.


Cash or Credit Card.

A 3% processing fee is added to all credit/debit card payments.


• All tattoos are drawn the morning of your appointment or the night before.

• All tattoos are drawn in order of appointment.

• Designs are never sent out for preview.

• Your tattoo design will be drawn and ready to go when you arrive for your appointment. We can make minor changes then if we need to.

• Major changes or complete change of design or placement on the day of your appointment will require you to be rescheduled. This will be considered a same-day cancellation and you will forfeit your deposit and be charged the same-day cancellation fee. Please communicate any changes ahead of time with plenty of notice.